song of the month is: Lay Down in The Tall Grass - Timber Timbre

welcome to my site, it's under construction though. i'm slowly learning how to build my site, so expect changes with due time!

- Added a Song of the Month page!
- Added some things I like to my about page, check it out!

- added a Song of the Month Bar.
- Starting to rework some of the page code, stay tuned!

- added a bunch of fun stamps to the stuff page!
- fixed the icons on the characters page!
- diddled around and changed a few graphics on homepage.
- added and opened guestbook.
- added blog.

- happy birthday kasviizone! today was the day you were born!
- added a contact page
- added a 'stuff' page
- added a 'characters' page
- added "autumnhollow" and "little fogfen" to the characters page