3:10 AM - 4/4/2018 - Spring Break!

It's about time spring break came along and saved me from school, I was about to go stir-crazy! I have to go back on the 7th, but I'm taking a well needed break. I'll be back to editing this site over the summer, and I'm really excited to get to it! Stay tuned!

1:24 AM - 3/15/2018 - The Great Satan!

I got to see Everything is Terrible's new film: "The Great Satan!" yesterday. It was amazingly funny , and I had a really great time! I also got to meet one of my biggest inspirations (Country Death) and I've honestly never been happier! I picked up some great merch, including a pin of my sweet son, Gerbert! I really loved the costume work for the show, they were amazing and I adored the way that they moved. I felt lucky to get a seat so close, although next time I'm definitely sitting closer! It looks like they'll be making another movie real soon, so I hope that they return to my city, because I really want to be able to see them again!

9:15 AM - 3/13/2018 - Sleepy

I haven't been sleeping very well recently. I need to stop screwing around and get on the ball, but work has got me really worn out. I'm glad spring holiday is soon, I'm going to sleep for the entire week. The good news is that my birthday comes with spring break, so I can relax and celebrate at the same time! Even though I'm not quite sure what I want to do for it this year. I kind of just want to rest and recuperate before I get back to school...